I would say yes!

While this society of ours always put emphasis on the idea that education is a right, not in a country where amass can’t even afford to buy a single pencil and hardly fed themselves a decent morning meal before hitting the road to school.

To some who have access to the best schools in the world, this thing may not be an issue who cares! The more you less educate these people the more they become powerless, so let them be. Sad as it may seem but this is the grim truth especially in a country where only the privileged have access to good education.

Fortunately, although I’m not as privileged as those who ‘have’, I actually got mine (The ID) via a sponsorship program. Thanks to them I was able to go to graduate school without spending a cent.

Admittedly, at some point in my life I was also considering of getting out of this country and live a life just like other teacher’s do, but why I always felt like I have to comply this social duty of mine to share knowledge to this less privilege in this decaying society?

When I see these working students of mine working like a dog juggling between meeting ends and spending the night at the  four corners of our classroom and listening to what I have to say, I felt for them. I cannot just let this people be slave all their life, although it would just be several hours of their life, the feeling of being part of their transformation is so lifting.

It is actually my earnest plea that in a not so distant future no one is left out in this country not knowing how to read and write.

Someone once said … a learned individual is easy to lead, to govern but impossible to enslave them.

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  1. Pinx says:

    mommy vernz, was there last weekend! i left mommy kat my number pero late na niya nabasa akong PM, tapos she texted me on our last day na diha. we left davao last monday lang… it was a short trip lang, nag attend lang mi sa binyag ng twins ng cousins ko… tapos had some laag around town… sayang noh? sige lang, we might be back before the year ends of by the new year because my mom in law wants to see her relatives there too… long lost relatives… hehehe…

  2. vernz says:

    @ Pinx… mao ba.. sige sa sunod.. hahahah… di lagi musibog ang davao pinx magkita ra jud ta…. hehehe..

  3. star says:

    Ma’am Vernz, many student need your teaching services. Surely, they learned a lot from you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. imriz says:

    whoa! ur one the very privileged few who got an A-quality education. and, who’s talking about RIGHT here…wala ng RIGHT sa Pilipinas ngayon, nakukuha na lahat sa BARGAINING AGREEMENT, ahehe.

    tnx po sa komento. those were my daughter’s txtbooks, who’s studying @UP…it’s a PRIVILEGED now, because of the high tuition cost there…magreklamo daw ba ang lola, haha

    ganda ng layout mo d2, parang ang sarap magsulat:)

  5. shengkay says:

    Country is lucky to have a citizen like you..

    My Nostalgia

  6. anne says:

    I was thankful that I passed for the scholarship program in one of the school here in Davao and was glad that I never give up. This post reminded me of my predicaments during college girl.

  7. Lainy says:

    You’re one of the lucky few who was able to avail of free education at an elite school.

    I have always advocated that education is the only means to stop the cycle of poverty. In an underdeveloped country like the Philippines, I believe that it’s very difficult to achieve the FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL POLICY because of the decaying system. Everything seems to be just a dream in the backwoods.

    I never experienced to have my education in a private school. I can say I am also one of the lucky few who was able to avail of the state’s grants to universities- from high school to Graduate School. My parents never had any problem for my tuition fees when I was in my secondary and tertiary level because I did my best and worked my ass off to avail of free tuition. I am proud to be a state scholar. But not everyone is as lucky as you and me. Like what I have posted in my Nostalgia entry, a helluva lot of Filipinos are deprived of their right to quality education.

    Thanks for dropping off a comment at my Nostalgia feature for this week.

    May you enjoy your weekend in grand style.

    See you around!

  8. Mrs.D says:

    sensya kung nauwahi ko sa pila te ha…saon busy ang life sa yaya tawon dire woi…eehhehe!

    saludo ako sau teVernz…you are one of a kind…pila na ka awards imo nadawat te? ehehhee!

    wow, sosyalin kaman nag grad woi…bonggacious…ehehehe! wara wara ko kadali te…mwah!

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