Are you a star or a planet?

Classes for the second term is almost over, so glad we’ll not be having written finals this term, my studes are going to present a drama instead. It will be the culmination, the synthesis of their learned concepts in Women’s Literature.

So now we’re dividing classes’ time to half hour lecture and half hour practice. Anyway, there’s nothing much interesting happened these past few days, just the normal classroom lecture, question and answer thing.

But there’s this one question that sparked my interest.

Teacher, are you a star or a planet?
It took me quiet some minutes to answer this question, ‘how would I know?’

But I answered it anyway.
‘Ok, so if Science is saying that stars emit light produced in its interior nuclear burning and planets emit light or shines only by reflected light, then I would say, I’m a star.’

‘I would love to emit light fashioned from my inner spirit rather than  make use of someone else’s light.’

How ‘bout you? Teacher, I’d rather be the ‘Black Hole’, I’ll be that someone in this world from which nothing, not even light can escape.

Wahhhh, (bell rings) OK class, see you tomorrow.

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One Response to Are you a star or a planet?

  1. anne says:

    I would like to be a star too, hehehehe

    BTW yeah sa Emars i held, oo nga medyo masikip ang parking lot doon, buti na lang wala kaming car hehehehe

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