On seeing a derma

It’s our final exams today; it’s quite a relief to know I’ll be having my vacation in a short while.

But it won’t be long summer classes will begin again so I’ll take advantage of this time to go to my dermatologist to have  the warts in my neck removed, they sprouted like mushrooms after I’ve given birth and they’re not quiet a pleasant scene to see protruding on my skin.

The dermatologist said it’s not a painful procedure, they will use this electrosurgery method where the warts or those little excess skins will be burned using high-frequency electric current.

Actually, I was feeling uncomfortable already while she was explaining the procedure, but she said a cream anesthesia will be dabbed at the target area before it will be burned so it’s painless.

Another problem is that you have to hide inside your vessel for a week as those areas that will be burned will turn into like little chopped raisins or – somewhat like a Betty la Fea thing. But she promised it won’t take long, after the burns are healed it will return to its normal skin color again.

I can’t wait and I’m feeling anxious.

Tata, thanks for dropping by.

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