Filipinizing English Words

For those moms, teachers of grade schoolers in the Philippines you might have noticed what I have also noticed in our children’s Pilipino textbooks. I don’t teach elementary graders though but this thing really caught my interest;

Notice how these great Filipino authors of ours has Filipinized the word indeks, glosari, bibliyograpi and etc., there are actually a lot more.

If these authors say ‘katawan ng aklat’, then let it be ‘katawan ng aklat’ they shouldn’t put there ‘o teksto’ anymore because this makes another ambiguity, in which case, clearly this a borrowed English word, Filipinized to sound Pilipino.

I don’t blame anyone why we can’t help but slot in some English words into ‘pure Pilipino language’ because in the first place, it’s mandated in the Constitution of this land that English should be the secondary language, however, I just find it so appalling that even studying our national language put us in a situation where we still have to haggle between two conflicting concerns.

What do you think?

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