Just being thankful!

I’m so glad our first loan at the university employees’ cooperative is now completely paid, we had loaned a sizable amount last year to finance my husbands upgrade on his software programming license,  I really wonder  why this thing comes in so expensive.

To get a loan is I think what middle income employees can do to supplement income deficiency, glad this university my husband is working into has employees cooperative that helps financially-disadvantaged workers like us.

Since our records were cleared, we’re bound to apply for another loan again, this time to finance a brand new home theater. I’m convince to believe that this is the benefit of getting a loan in a cooperative – the more you loan, the more dividends you get at the end of the year, so call it taking advantage of the opportunity.

I’m now leafing through several led tv reviews what best brand will I take. There are countless of them in the market so it’s best to read reviews.

But meantime, we still have to deal with the reality of hazy and obscured signal our analog TV is serving us. We actually have lived with this for some time now so there’s not much reason to rush.

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