I can breathe now

Mr. Dimayuga, what is Thrush?

Do I sound like a terror teacher asking a student that is hiding his face at the back of his classmates’ seat?

I actually asked myself this question too not too long ago.

That was when I was asked to substitute a class because the teacher filed a leave of absence for several days because she had a swelled, itchy breast and that made her uncomfortable. She just actually came from a 45-day maternity leave and her breasts contacted Candidaisis or better known as Thrush. I actually was surprised to know that women’s breast can also contact Thrush, what I know about this fungus  is that they only affect a woman’s private part down there causing some itchy, uncomfortable feeling.  Now I know!

This co-teacher of mine was advised to seek immediate treatment so she can return to work immediately too. Thank God, she called and informed me she was OK now, she has gone to the top doctors here to seek the best thrush treatments, thank goodness I can breathe now.

It’s quiet hard running around with full schedules.

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One Response to I can breathe now

  1. dhemz says:

    hala wala lagi ko ka dungog ana te…naa diay in-ana…good to know…:)

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