Scared of Big C

Yes, very scared in fact!

I finally caught this old friend of mine at Facebook chat last night, she was telling me that her father passed away because of colon cancer, it actually happened last month but it was only last night that I had a chance to have wedged her online.

The last time I saw her father was about 11 years ago when she was fetched at our workplace, since then I haven’t heard nor have seen him anymore. He looked healthy during those years though, but this big C can slap a life in a too short period of time. My father-in-law died of lung cancer too, from the time he was diagnosed positive in six months time he bid goodbye, that’s why I said it so.

Her father was operated on immediately after he was diagnosed first stage positive, the doctors cut the affected area in his colon and has survived for another two years, but it recurred and he eventually passed.

Thing with this illness, it can drain you down to the last cent of your pocket. I witness that with my two eyes when slowly my father-in-law’s car, pieces of lands were sold quick to finance his chemotherapy, not only that it’s physically draining, it’s also psychologically demanding.

We learned lessons from that incident the hard way, that is why we toned down our lifestyle, our eating habits, we’re going back to basics, and our diet now is mostly leaves, fish and high fiber food. I also regularly buy  colon cleansing products that would wash those toxins trapped in the colon walls thus,  would facilitate easy waste disposal.

I haven’t had my genomes mapped yet, this technology is not accessible yet in this country, hence, I still don’t know what illness and at what age will I contract diseases, knock on wood, that’s why I’m extra careful.

But meantime, taking care of our over-all health is the best we can do to avert fear of big C.

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