Our analog TV is retiring

Yeah, for someone who still have to earn more to buy what she want, window shopping is  the best way out to fill-in those wants.

Admittedly, I’m that someone who spent time roaming around the mall window shopping, specking and spotting some awesome  things.  Sadly, I still have to earn more to buy what I coveted the most – an entertainment wall from a Samsung store.

Our analog TV of 13 years is still serving us well though but you have to figure out whether Sara Geronimo is in blue or red, I think it’s an obvious indication that it’s retiring. But we still have urgent needs on top of our priority projects to pull-off.

But this year, by hook or by crook, getting one of those samsung lcd televisions will happen, fingers crossed!

My earnest prayer that I would still be blessed with more online assignments. God willing.

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One Response to Our analog TV is retiring

  1. dhemz says:

    time to get a new flat screen hdtv…ehhehehe!

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