Why do people collect a lot of stuff?

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There can be various reasons why humans collect a lot of stuff. Since the dawn of human history, it’s been recorded that homos far across different cultures has been collecting just about anything tangible and that humans attach meanings to it.

Here are some random grounds why there are people who go crazy about collecting antiques, collecting China jars, sports cards, stamps, coins etc. I even knew someone who collects drifted woods along the shore, when you go to his house, you’ll find various shapes and sizes of woods displayed on his patio all named and labeled.

One reason would be that humans collect stuff because of nostalgia, memories of the past – stuffs that they keep reminds them of some space, some feelings or a person of their past.

Another would be for remembrance. I knew of someone who buys souvenir mugs from every place he went to, he even had a wall in his house renovated to accommodate his growing collection and it wasn’t just a mug it’s comes along with it sagas of the escapade.

Another would be just for the pleasure and fun of it. My daughter for instance is into hoarding stuff that has Disney Princess on it, nothing nostalgic, or any tales of each item in particular but she just love to have fun with those stuff.

Another would be for investment, obviously those who can afford to collect jewelry, expensive purses, antiques, high grade porcelain jars for home décor can attest to the value of collecting material stuff for future use. Experts on this field explained that stuffs of this kind rarely depreciate its value, thus can be a very good material to put in your money.

Lastly, would be for security. People find comfort and sanctuary on the things that they stuff  their house; they feel that something has been accomplished, something has been bought to represent who they are.

Oftentimes, we’re sicken by the idea that all these are just material things and that we can’t bring them with us when we die, but least we realize these stuffs actually represent the kind of character that we are.

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  1. Yes, they say what you collect is what you are .. great!

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