The pasture is always greener on the other side.

Looking at this photo looks like it is, but look again, it may be greener but it looks scarier.

I was out here looking at this secret gate sipping my coffee on a reclaimed wood dining table pondering, why we always seek greener pasture, what if the pasture is as scary as this? Will you dare?

A friend, whom I was waiting here, just did. He is scheduled to fly to Angola anytime next month, he’ll be working as a mining engineer in one of the diamond mines there and in return he’ll receive an outrageous sum, he can’t have here even he’ll work his butt out to death. Weird thoughts came flashing my mind when I thought about this place, but what can I do, everything’s been decided all for the good of his family.

Perhaps I’m just so used with the comforts of my pasture, maybe everything I need grows within my pasture, or perhaps I just don’t have the courage to explore scarier pastures – I just realized how coward I was, and I just realized one more time how brave my friend was.

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