‘Ethically sourced diamonds’

‘Ethically sourced diamonds’. I read this  line in  one of the diamond engagement ring advertisements online, apparently, this wedding ring company is promoting a campaign telling the whole wide world that ‘hey, our women’s best friend’ is sourced carefully and legally using methods of highest labor and environmental standards.

As I write this campaign is written all over the blogosphere and is actively participated in by many diamond-consuming companies worldwide – this crusade was done following the very sensitive and deeply ingrained issue of conflict in sourcing diamonds or the so-called blood diamonds.

Back in the late 90s, international organizations, like Global Witness and many others has picked up this issue and been working and resolving this problem that somehow has eventually led to the passing of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions that aimed to draw measures to mitigate if not to halt the sourcing of violence-traded diamonds. Eventually, Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was adopted in South Africa – many diamond traders has conformed to put certifications on their diamonds that they’ve sourced their stones ethically.

On a more personal note, I had this realization that of all the stones in this planet, diamonds holds the most extreme issues on the continuum, it has the most horrendous side and the most elegant and gorgeous flair ‘women, in fact, think it to be her best friend’

But I always have this question in mind, are there really diamonds sourced ethically?

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