Learn English by Playing Your Own Games

Studying a language doesn’t have to be all about course books, dictionaries and homework. In fact, it is one of the fields in which we can make the most of our creativity skills. You can use games that already exist and make up your own ones. For instance:

Flash Cards

You can use flashcards as a memory game to study vocabulary. Pick a topic, like “going out to eat”, “asking for directions”, “at the airport”, etc. Then, cut your own cards off your notebook and write the word in one side of it. On the other, either make a drawing of what it is, or simply write the translation in your own language. You could play this game by yourself  or   with   friends.  See  who  scores  more  right  translations.   When   seeking    to  learn English Gold Coast beginners think of this as one of the most efficient games for memorizing new words.

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Trivial Pursuit

If you have an advanced knowledge of the language you are learning, but what to be proficient in it, try playing this game in your target language. You can buy and play it as a board game or buy it as an application for your phone, tablet, or whatever gadget you have. This game will not only challenge your language knowledge, but also your understanding and knowledge on the cultural background of your target language. Questions are divided into categories (Sports, Arts & Literature, Geography, Entertainment, Science and Nature) but most of them have to do with the culture underlying the language in which it’s being played.

Online Games

There are thousands of sites with online games for learning languages, whatever your level of proficiency may be. Some of them are more fun and include flash animations, pictures, etc. In their attempt to learn English Perth students use these websites and count on the advantage that when it comes to English learning, today there are more online games than in any other language.

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