Android Applications and Devices for Schools

So what is Android and why do I care about it for my school stuff? It’s actual definition is that – its an operating system made for mobile devices such as cellphones, not just any cellphones but the present generation smartphones and tablet computers, they’re developed by people led by internet biggie Google – yeah, it’s the same name teachers used to refer as noun and eventually evolved to be a verb. Anyway, if you’re not satisfied with that – our seasoned teachers here have their own definition – you know those things that made it possible for you to use your fingers to know your lessons using your cellphones, something people developed that’ll made us teachers extinct soon.

Since it was launched years ago, it already has its many versions – why do developers name them something that is edible?  … gingerbread, honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich … just wondering if the next release will be Cola or Root Beer something to pair off the above :)

Anyway, I long have realized – that a technologically-driven educational system is where we’re gearing at and in fact, it should be, Philippine education authorities should act on the double, we’re way too behind already, let’s cope up.

In the beginning I never really cared what this stuff is all about, I had my Nokia Xpress music running and it’s serving me just fine so why the heck bother. Until one day, I run over this website, it’s called Android 4 Schools; it’s a website that compiles all these Android applications and devices that can be used as an educational aid using the smart phone and after so much nudging and sliding I was finally convinced to use it.

Heck, it might be a shame to admit, but this teacher as I said has not even upgraded even to a cheap smarter phone, oh yeah, if you would care to listen to my excuses, I’m just exploiting this older generation techno, test it to its limits, what now? Hahaha! Anyway, after so much a time spent along cellphone shops bothering shop girls to do a demo how an Android phone works, I finally carted one, yes, and guess what? You can take my case as a perfect example of …old dogs learning new tricks and loving it.

This is the boon side of this technology, I know techno is as good as its users, I hope I can cope up and I guess I am.

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