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I’m not being paid for this and if any of the concerns sees this post I hope they’ll consider … hahaha. Nah, not for anything but for the novelty of this website – call it the very reason why I’m sharing this.

Before I became I teacher, I was once a student, yes and a ‘notebookless’ student at that, my classmates call me ‘xerox’ girl – you know that famous photocopying machine brand before? That call was named after that – it’s because every time examination comes – here I am begging to have my classmates notes photocopied. Why would I get embarrassed sharing this story when I knew the country’s president has done even worst than that during the heyday. Had I not done it before, probably I’ve no story to tell, right? And I’d say those events form part of who I am today.

Fast forward – yesterday, I stumbled on this website called while looking for functional school apps I can use on my phone, it’s a very practical online notebook site where students can use to type down their wits, even teachers will find this interesting. As the cover page of their site suggest, you can still use it this even without internet. Cool huh!

This is the link to the site ….

I’ve opened an account via Facebook, I’m just hoping this site bears no germs or I’m dead again, anyway, so this is how it looks inside your dashboard .. you have there a very simple board – no frills and stuff whatsoever, so it looks so organized and neat. Thing with this site is that you can have your notes shared with your friends, if you happen to resemble my past, forget about ‘xerox’ the name of the game now is ‘share’. You can do uploads, fave monkeys or face or your loved and hated teachers maybe,  even do doodles on your notes… its cool… try it and go paperless.

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