Cooling off!

Summer indeed has taken off, it’s been real hot on this part of the world these days and it’s been weeks too that we had clear and cloudless skies. The kids has been whining to get a dip at a pool, we don’t have it a home and they’re way too big for an inflatable so we really have to drive to the nearest one, unfortunately the one nearby had closed-down for a day or two the attendants said they’re making some repairs on the pool edge to make it safer for the kids, just hoping they’ll get quality pool supply and made it operate soon.

We have no choice but to drive at least 30 minutes and before I knew it they’re all running asking for food, summer isn’t just hot, it drains my wallet too.

But they seem to be enjoying to I’ll let it pass, it’s the reason why I work anyway, then so let it be.

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