Couture dessert: Yummiest gift ever

Finding a gift for someone who practically has everything can be one of the hardest thoughts anyone can ever consider of and when I got to go through this situation, there’s just one thing I always thought of wrapping – Couture Dessert Gifts.

It’s the safest thing I think whose only conflict is diet, that if, the recipient is into such program, but in any usual case indulging in occasions like this can always be an exception.

So the next time you’re getting confused on what stuff to give on your boss’ birthday, would-be in-laws and other hard-to-please friends and relatives – order a dessert made exclusively for that person, it can be a cake, cupcake, choco bonbons, choco fruits – the possibilities are endless.

As the old adage say, the best way to any human’s heart is to her of his stomach, and if you happen to drop by on my birthday – having a white forest cake boxed and tied at Red Ribbon is more than enough to make my day a day.

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