Going paperless at school

Yay, I’m really excited with the developments at our farm, my brother whom I delegated the supervising job is now getting the handle of it, I really appreciate the thought that he now understands the reason why I insisted him staying and manage the farm than getting employment in Manila.

He underwent coffee production training at Nestle in Tagum City last March and we’re hoping we can have ours as demo farm in Keytodac. I’m thinking of really something big for this community, I had all my plans laid including a lot of solicitations and proposals to do – being the post-harvest facility as the top priority. Meantime, we’re pushing with our consumer goods distributorship business, that other than me considering a vonage business online. I’m thinking this year is really my year, I hope I’ll really make it big ‘till the end of 2012 and for the coming years!

Meantime, I’m still a teacher on top of all these, I need lots of reading, scanning of references and writing syllabi stuff to do – that being my personal assignment. On the other hand, I’m planning to go paperless this school opening, all of my subjects requires a lot of creative writing and similar stuff and letting them do their journals online will, I assume, stir more excitement and digital creativity on their part, so the web will have additional blogs flying come June, watch out for it!

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