Inexpensive Beads For Your Jewelry Designs

Glass beads are common beads that are used in different beading crafts. They are called by different names such as Indian glass beads or Czech beads. Now although they come in with different monikers, glass beads are very popular because they come in different styles, shapes, designs and sizes so that you can create exciting pieces of jewelry such as dangling necklaces, layered earrings and bracelets.

These beads usually come with colorful and glossy coatings and they are usually made by hands. In fact, you can easily mistake these beads for expensive gemstone beads and this is the reason why these beads are popular among fashion-savvy yet frugal jewelry makers. What makes them great is that they exude lovely reflection especially when hit by light. Handmade glass beads vary when it comes to their design, shape and sized but even if this is the case, these add to the personality of the beads thus making elegant to funky jewelry from of them is very easy. One thing that you have to remember when buying these beads is that they have sharp holes so it is important that you use sturdy threading materials such as chain links. If you use ribbons, make sure that you use spacer beads or tie a knot in between the beads to prevent it from moving which lessens the chances of the sharp edges from damaging the threading material.

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