Less expensive way to engage kids outdoors

Let’s admit it getting your kids into summer programs like drawing, karate, ballet, sports clinics while very ideal to turn your kid’s summer time productive, it’s also very expensive – and how many parents can afford it? I have three kids and enrolling them in any summer programs all at the same time would likely sacrifice one for the next school year, hence, I have to find alternative way to make their summer time somehow productive.

Well, kids work is kids play and I’m just lucky we have few other kids living in the compound and they we have quiet an ample space to bike around, the most I can do is to set-up a childrens picnic table outside and put lots of food stuff and liquid in there, let them play, stumble and get-up ‘till they get tired.

Other than that I also have this habit of letting my kids walk the sidewalks of the city, a 15-minute walk can already spawn countless of questions, in that way I would know their mind is working on the basis of what they see.

There are many ways to engage your kids outdoor the less expensive way; it would start from the parents who think it that way.

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