Best romantic guitar rendition ever: Thank you Mark Salona

I was looking for leather guitar strap for sale online – my son kept bugging me about buying one so I get serious is searching for discounted ones – when out of the blue I lurched on this video.

This guy’s guitar performance just blew me away – he’s name is Mark Salona, gooosh, I got stuck listening to his music, I felt like I was brought to a scene I’m thinking nothing – but bliss in a romantic paradise. I just realized – it’s been a while that I hadn’t stopped to listen to music of this type – it’s just so relaxing, refreshing and inspiring, I’d say – thank you so much Mark Salona for using your gift in reliving the soul in me – you’re truly a blessing for me tonight. Sometimes, we need people like him to awaken the vanishing romantic fools in us. Ahhh, it’s just an awesome emotion – lifted my spirit in a subtle and dreamy fashion.

I suggest – don’t watch it, just listen to it with your eyes closed and your hands clutched behind your head – that way you won’t be doing anything – just listening.

He [Mark Salona] has many videos posted at Youtube – all equally, wonderfully, romantically rendered. Awesome!

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