Educational opp outside of the classroom

Learning out-of-class is actually an old teaching strategy but is still widely and extensively subscribed to by educators, not only that it’s fun for the students and teachers to go out as it breaks the monotonous four-wall teacher-student structure. Studies show that unconsciously students get valued outcome like;

Critical Thinking; Intellectual flexibility; Reflective judgment; Practical knowledge acquisition and application; Self-confidence; Ability to relate to others; Decision making and etc., etc.,

I’m a hard subscriber of this strategy and not a class that I didn’t do practical lessons and tests with them, it’s also the reason why as much as possible I tag along my kids with me whenever circumstance will allow. We weren’t able to fly this summer – you know we have to draw our priorities and we deem some projects are more important than flying somewhere.

But that did not hold back the kids from exploring and going somewhere, since we’re putting up things together at our farm, then they should get involved, so here – messing and running around NEDF demo farm.

Joining …

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2 Responses to Educational opp outside of the classroom

  1. beautiful farm Momi Vernz :-) the property looks so big :-) your little girl looks pretty in PINK :-) Dropping by from PF

  2. Leah H. says:

    How I wish we have a farm too:) Looks like they really had the fun exploring..

    Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by:)

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