Geography: Exploring ‘The Alps’

The only vivid  picture I have of The Alps were the scenes and events on the cartoon series ‘Heidi’, if you’ve lived a normal childhood and was allowed on those times to watch television, then probably you also have that imagined picture of what the Alps look-like following the adventures of the ‘Girl of the Alps’ and her grumpy grandpa.

Until recently I’ve stumbled on this web compilation, it’s a website called, this features the cycling courses of ‘The Alps’. I knew the Alps is a mountain range that connects several territories in Europe, but I didn’t know it was this thrilling and ohhh, it again set off the butterflies in my stomach, I can imagine myself buying a pad of ‘bonamine’ before I can have the nerve of negotiating these courses.

It’s just amazing how technology has put all these together that despite our physical limitation to go and experience it for ourself – real-time, we’re given techno-aided option to take a look at how its like coursing|cycling the Alps even halfway round the globe.


Here’s a 3D rendition of one of the amazing terrains that cut through the ‘The Alps’, it’s a cycling route though but nonetheless, it just amazed me how we humans had played around with nature to get through awesome places despite obscurity. If you play this video on site, you can see other videos covering this place, try it.

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