Sun Tzu’s effective strategy: Watch the videobook

It’s been a while that I bought this book – Sun Tzu, The Art of War – it’s this famed book about the oldest and most successful military tactics ever in the world and this was attributed to Sun Tzu, he’s a high ranking military general who strategized almost perfect strategies to be the victor in ancient wars they engaged into. I accidentally dusted that book at a book sale and at that time I felt like I’ve unearth a century-old fortune. I should be honest and won’t play hyperintellectual here, I really struggled understanding some of his admonitions at first, and some phrases were like a deep abyss for me.

There was one though that I discreetly apply and it’s a very effective life strategy given the ‘usiserang mga kapitbahay meron ako.’

Sun Tzu said: Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

I’m really pissed with my overly invidious relative-neighbor here, so we never shared our life plans – doing so would just complicate my everydayness and will just stress me more, so when they knew about it after such a secret deed, it’s all done and that ends the story – no more batting in and out of unpleasant suggestions and all that stuff. Thank you Sun Tzu, it worked well!

If you’re interested in getting a slice of Sun Tzu’s wisdom, you don’t need to rummage on dusty books anymore, here’s a videobook I found at Youtube, go watch it and see what strategy would be best given your situation. Good luck!

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