On equestrian kids and my fear of falling

I’m fairly familiar on how to take care of horses, I grew up with several around me, but I never had this fascination with them, I fear them in fact, maybe because of some unlikely kicking accidents that happen when I was young. But my brother rides them fairly cool, I dare on some occasions I felt lazy walking around the farm, that if there’s saddle set on the back. Thing with this living machine sometimes they use their brains and you can’t control them and that is what I feared the most in riding – falling!

But I was surprised to know that my kids got interested in riding, thanks to Mikee Conjuangco for the inspiration, but sadly, there are no pro equestrian coach around, though there are folks that can teach them the basic how-to, the difference really is big when the kids will be taught the proper technique how to reign and pat a horse :) As I’ve said I have no fascination with this living machine, I just love to see girls in neat equestrian apparel, but if my kids will really insist on learning, who am I to hold back their interest, if that time will come probably I should work on conquering my fear of seeing them fall.

But wait, this sports don’t come in cheap darlin’, I can afford to buy a native horse breed though – we have two of those in the farm as I write, but Thoroughbred? I think I needed to work hard more.

Twilight, the mare Thoroughbred that is the subject of the Equine Genome Project

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