Safest search engine for children

Being a mother and a teacher, I always have this anxiety about the stuff my kids search online, especially that although there are other search engines available online, the usual practice is to really use on the mainstream one. Though I’ve set up filters on our router to block porno,  non-appropriate pictures, sites and monitor them every time – dodgy netizens has also become wiser that even wholesome words now have inappropriate photos that would pop-up along with it.

I would suppose the launching of this would lessen up my worry, so what’s this grokking all about? It’s basically a search engine whose contents are children-friendly, in fact, I love it since it’s also teacher-mama friendly … here you can find almost everything you need school-related, it also has other tabs with related contents on it, like videos, quizzes and other stuff. When you sign-up for an account you also can make a journal or notes for the subjects you searched for or just about anything you want to type in your journal and you have the option to share or print it … it’s a very engaging site … I’m not being paid for this but I just find it cool and helpful that’s why I’m spreading the word.

If you’re interested and want to try it … open an account today, engage your kids with this type of interactive online activity. You can proceed to now and get started. Good Luck!

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