Teleconferencing from the boondocks

Hi there folks, I was out of my dashboard for several days, I went to serve a much-needed break and I guess I’m sane again to face another episode of busy and crazy, sort of, life. It was a refreshing break, breathing the purest of air and hearing cicadas chirping at night, my husband has been moaning if only he can do teleconferencing at the top of the mountain with his clients in the city, he would surely do. Sadly, there’s no electricity in the boondocks yet and the solar panel that serviced us can’t even play my favorite show.

But it won’t be long the local electric cooperative, Sukelco (Sultan Kudarat Electric Cooperative) is working doubly hard to service the interior barangays to bring electricity to the mountains, locals say in about two months electricity will come running the cables up the hill and when that time comes, these coffee trees might already bring brewed coffee to our tables and my hopeful husband will then do his client digital conferencing over his typing machine transmitting live right from the middle of this hill. Isn’t technology awesome?

View from our farm hill

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