I want to meet ASIMO …

my love ASIMO

Really, seriously!

Sometime in 2008 I was able to download this television documentary series of futurist Dr. Michio Kaku called Visions of the Future, it was aired over BBC with three installment series. The documentary is basically about how life could be in the future with all these cutting edge Scientific discoveries and one of the cuts that really struck me was when Dr. Kaku met ASIMO in Japan, you probably have seen and heard of this humanoid, (ASIMO by the way stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), though I’m crammed with this idea that indeed you can program robots to its master’s penchant, still I was wowed how Honda has developed such an advanced humanoid that it’s not only a remarkable icon of Japanese achievement in the area of robotics, it also unleash a wallop on my head that – yeah, who needs damn, stupid, and dim-witted fleshy humans when you can be with wired someone whom you can program what he’s going to do with life that is always attune to its masters desire, somewhat like Riiko in Absolute Boyfriend.

The 21st century I’d say is for Japan’s robotic economy, woman humanoids, nurse humanoids, robotic armies, almost living robotic dogs, efficient industrial robots … all these made not only to showcase Japanese capabilities but I guess a faint reinforcement to Japan’s aging population.

I’m really hoping that even with measly lab balances we have in our school laboratories we still can come out with brilliant ideas that would somehow unravel a solution to our country’s immediate and pressing problems – there are countless of them actually.

And while we’re still dealing with it, I’m really hopeful I can find a chance to meet ASIMO, wait is this robot a he or a she, its makers constantly use male pronouns and it seems like male is its default settings, well expectedly, I won’t discuss any further.

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