My idea of luck

a Chinese Luck Knot

What a Monday morning! It’s really nice to have hearty discussions with brains around you. I so love these geeks, they’re saving my Monday morning to discussing what Boy Abunda had said on matters of national entertainment concern. Imagine an early morning discussion whether luck, yes that abstraction, really exist or just a kind of truistic concept that people run to whenever they encounter dead ends, or whenever people just accidentally get a favor from out of the blue.

To me the truth is and as always my stand be on ideas like this is that … you can’t just pluck luck out of thick and thin air, it’s something you reap out of the good stuff or things you do, or out of the right choices you did before you can even claim it. Meaning luck is the end product of the aforementioned.

I’d really love to expound this idea, and I’d appreciate it if you can leave your comments about your thoughts on what is luck to you, I’ll charge it to bell ringing, I have to hit to publish now …

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One Response to My idea of luck

  1. sarah says:

    I kind of agree with what you said about luck. It is a product of the good things that you reap.

    With me, I believe luck comes from a positive mindset and looking at the brighter side of life. And if it can be avoided, shying away from negative people, even if it means moving to a different place. Though negativity can be seen, felt or heard anywhere, it is best to veer away from it as it is wasted energy. But if you really cannot do anything about it, then acceptance of the situation might help for the mean time.

    It pays to always count your blessings.

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