Class, how would you want your lessons discussed? : Students teaching teachers

Education is nothing different from other institutions in our society that evolves along with technology. In fact, we are now in an era where technology plays an important role in aiding and facilitating education, while old school technique – much like the ‘Miss Tapia’ style , still matters like a running old joke around, it’s not as effective a strategy than engaging students how they should learn their lessons.

The old school strategy dwells around the idea that teachers always do the talking and students has to zip their mouths and keep on listening otherwise the teacher’s chalk board eraser will come flying hitting your brow.

But with today’s students, who I guess have mastered the CHR’s code, this approach works less anymore – per my observation students perform better when they have the chance to talk and tell their teachers with the things that needs to be improved in the classroom, it’s like giving them the chance to lay their cards and say, hey! Teacher, it’s more exciting and fun to learn if you discuss our lessons this way. Giving the students a chance to revise and contribute to their class rules also prove that students have high incidence to abide by it.

Now, so the strategy has been laid … the ball is now on the teacher’s hand on how to keep it rolling. Honestly, this takes a lot of creativity on the part of the teacher, this method will also test  the  teacher’s  authority  on  how to handle students like a wet soap, I call it my wet soap strategy – too tight and it’ll slip, too light and it’ll slip – handle it just right!

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  1. grace says:

    thanks for sharing sis… Good luck with your classes this year!

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