Just handwrite it, the new way to search on Google

Forget about the downside of technology; just think about it as something people do to make life easy. So with this latest Google release, I think we’re going back to handwriting again, yeah not with your inked pens but with your fingers on your smartphones, tablets or pads.

Wow, typing I’d say has now reach its fatiguehood, seriously, being on a keyboard nudging letters to come up with post .. takes me actually about 5 minutes or so, though at times my fingertips have a mind of its own, sometimes it can also go as brainless as the typist, lol. so this app is an awesome savior.

But seriously, I’ve been thinking, probably it would be a possibility that in a not so distant future we wouldn’t be needing these keyboards anymore, thanks to the brilliants behind this project, I suppose I won’t be hearing my MIL anymore typing like as if the computer keyboard are typewriter keys, what heavy hands.

Though this one is still an app to search Google easily, I can see it coming; the keyboards in the coming years will look like induction stoves, smooth and easy, it’s a possibility, right?

Watch this video;

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2 Responses to Just handwrite it, the new way to search on Google

  1. Stef says:

    Pretty interesting! Sad part though is that I cannot seem to enable the handwrite feature on my phone yet… :( There’s an error whenever I save the search preferences…

  2. Tina says:

    Really? This is actually cool. But I am not sure if many would love to do this. Because typing is a lot faster i think.

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