Last read of the month: ‘The Geography of Bliss’

I had zillion bytes of e-books downloaded from torrents in all corners of the internet, my husband is just so good at finding all these titles and compiling them in a tab, which up until now I didn’t got hold of, the tab is still busy serving the kids flying the angry birds over those dang boxes, whoever thought about those birds gone mad, you sure made me mad, lol.

Anyway, I’m actually trying to train the dragon in me to use my fingers to read, you know that tap and slide thing with tabs, but I’m really not comfortable with it, I still prefer the scent of the true books besides I won’t be into so much trouble if I drool on it or sleep with it, unlike those electronic stuff, ahh they’re just good at show-off and sadly I’m not into it, so I felt they’re useless, besides I’ll go mad when the battery go low.

I thought, so long as their are old school believers of physical books and lust the fresh scent of its pages, books such as this will outlive us and will forever survive. Gaaahhh, almost done with Eric Weiner’s ‘The Geography of Bliss‘ I’ll be writing my thoughts about my July read in the coming days :)

Next month I plan to devour Japanese Literatures. You watch out shelf, hehehe!

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One Response to Last read of the month: ‘The Geography of Bliss’

  1. Pretty Kat says:

    dah! kakugihan jud ninyo mobasa ug book or ebook oi… gi-ingnan ta ka nga facebook ray ako type hehe..

    alexa hopping ko diri oi…hehe

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