Schools should adopt an online integrated learning management system

I had a chance to attend my son’s school parent orientation session on their new online learning management system. The Assumption College of Davao is now using Genyo, it’s an online learning management system used as a tool to supplement student’s learning by using web-based online portal and interactive software.

The first time I got into my son’s account dashboard, I knew they’d enjoy the system, and I knew it would alleviate a teacher’s ordeal in explaining subject concepts too, especially Science and Math, there are available  good, quality graphics and videos that would explain step-by-step a particular idea, all made with high schoolers in mind.

For a mom who’s a quarter of a day is spent online this system is very amenable, you can just login to your son’s account and see how he fare at school, should they also miss to copy their assignments or had been absent previously, they too can access it anytime at home.

This project is made by Marshall Cavendish Online Singapore with Diwa Learning System as their partner here in the Philippines; it’s actually the first and only fully integrated online learning management system for Basic Education that is adopted in the Philippines.

I don’t mind adding up a fee for this system, this just goes to show that technology works in perfect shape to assist, boost our educational system.

I wonder if the school will adopt an automated clearing house system for all their financial transactions, if that will happen, I’ll be the first to wow them, imagine saving me time to go pay my child’s tuition on queue when I can pay and access my child’s account online.

I can see my son is enjoying the system, I love it also as its filtered and they can only access videos that are school related.  In fact, it also unloaded me the burden to explain what cell fusion is all about, the video in vivid graphics did it all for me.

Visit Genyo’s website at for more information.

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