So many books … So little time : The Coffee Story

I missed the smell of tree carcasses, the scent of the pages of the book can sometimes just led me unknowingly to the doors of a bookstore. I was supposed to go down to the grocery to buy my husband his night wine but my feet just itched and did some side trip at the National Bookstore, geez, thing with this store, it really eats up my time and before I knew it I can already hear the roll-up door rolling down. Thing with this store also it never left my hands empty-handed when checking out.

So I spent P375 for this paperback today, I find the blurb quite interesting, let’s see how a dying man unfolds his coffee story. I figured I’ll be needing some home brew on this to dig out in next two or three days … This is my first Peter Salmon read, with so much anticipation hope this will be my coffee story too.

Father time spare me your mercy, I hope I have more of you in the coming days …


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