‘I am Nikon’ – Davao workshop

I sent my son to “I am Nikon‘ workshop today, it’s a whole day NIKON event held at Ateneo de Davao University. I was hoping his skills using his Nikon DSLR will further improve, I can see him very much interested on this subject that’s why we bought the D5100 some months ago, though I’m the ones using it very often for photos on my blogs. But I’m just good at point and shoot thingy. I was hoping he’ll learn something out of this.

So the father went with him during the morning registration, he stayed up until lunch, but whinned he’s not coming back to the session hall anymore, I was raising my voice at the other side of the phone why the cut? And he said, he’s the only kid among the group and the rest were grandpas and uncles. I was expecting there would be a lot who would come as it was a free event and many also subscribe to NIKON, but I didn’t consider the age, lol, he felt so intimated, he also have no friends who went to attend – I settled my case ’cause I understand the feeling.

I heard Bella Padilla, yeah the actress, came later in the afternoon to pose as model for these NIKON guys, my son didn’t didn’t bother to come back at all, but I’m pretty sure if it were a Kpop group he could have waged war with me if I won’t let him go.

Some of the freebies given during the registration;

And of course the sister and the mother were there on the side for moral support. keke.

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6 Responses to ‘I am Nikon’ – Davao workshop

  1. sir rob says:

    I know not why there’s a lot of uncles and grandpa…! That is because of the afternoon model coming in. lol

  2. Pretty Kat says:

    nyahahaha funny ang comment ni sir rob…

    anyway, kita unta diay to nangadto… aw pwede ba ang outsider?? haha.

  3. Pinx says:

    mommy Vernz, pila na diay age sa imong son??? hehehe… kanindot sa camera… would love to have a new one…unta unta puhon… mang swipe na jud ko.. hahahaha! laag2x lang..

  4. Rovie says:

    Stage mother kaau ang show Ma’am Vernz… hehehe

  5. amiable amy says:

    that’s an interesting activity…ako ani, banat nalang study sa manual kay way mutudlo hehehe…passing by here …:-)

  6. Mrs.D says:

    wow, what a great opportunity!

    sos, pagka gwapa ba lamang sa mag-ina…love your outfit teVernz…musta na?! hope all is well…miss you ma’am!

    sensya na jud karon lang naka visit ug balik.

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