Of self-help and a practical dummies guide to doing everything

‘Self-Help’ is I think one of the most important personal virtues anyone can nurture these days, since Samuel Smiles published his book of the same title in 1859, it has advanced as a cultural phenomenon that has been welcomed up until the late 20th century where the growing literatures of self-help has dramatically spread out like wild-fire in summer, this has been tremendously adopted and professionalized like you can’t find a shelf without one. Practically all subjects of human life now has handy manual on how to go about something.

Today, the medium of acquiring self-help literature has taken a new leap, while books and brochures are still relevant references it has been leapfrogged by the burgeoning, in fact, overwhelming self-help references available online. The internet has now become the haven of everything we need to know about the world, from how to grow a garden, how to train a dragon, how to make a woman fall in love and the most engulfing area – the field of education, I think there’s nothing in this universe that we can’t do about anymore, practically everything is templated from step 1 to finish.

Lately, I chanced on my fresh graduate cousin who was looking for a job, I said, ‘you know, your resume format doesn’t seem like you’ll gonna land a job in the coming days, come-on, let your finger do its job finding online how to write a resume, it’s not like you’ve just been blasted from the past and knew nothing about this things at all, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of winning resume templates online.’

It’s just so startling that no matter whom and how you’re living you’re life, the internet is like everyone’s mecca for selp-help. Take the case of one of my co-teacher’s husband, they actually have the brightest idea in the world on how to run their business and eventually make lots of money, but thing is they don’t have any idea how to write a proposal to charm  investors, again finding help with business writing online was the surest thing they could do to start moving on – and believe me, they sure have nailed the contract, thanks to online help.

Realizing how far the idea of Samuel Smiles has gone, and thinking about how anyone has put in their minds the literatures we now consume today on how to do things about this and that, yes, the dummies guide to everything, I think there’s no reason for anyone not to perform a thing, only that there’s not much of difference from anyone else, like say, ‘Hey, this is Dr. X’s guide to writing so-and-so , and the way I look at it, it’s just so homogeneous that somehow there will be some levels of diminishing creativity, but even then we’re likely not to get lost having to know ‘how to pass the next course.’

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