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I can’t help it but smile on this board, I saw this shared on my FB wall one time and it didn’t escape me saving and sharing it again with some of my thoughts on it.

Yeah sure other the obvious act of keeping students in line, morning alarm irritates teacher’s too, I hate sleeping when I was a kid, but now, I love you sleep. lol.

You can’t get me agreeable on the second, it’s just a matter of organizing your stuff, nor agree on the next one, if you have good and inspiring reasons to come to school everyday, definitely you’ll long for it. I can’t agree more with the fourth one, few of my dearest friends up until now – I met them at school, so there’s no reason for the time you’re at school to be ain’t lovely at all. The fifth one made me roll on the floor laughing, hahaha, now I realize I’m giving my student’s their most tragic times while at school, it’s because I thought you’ve reviewed the night before and I’m thinking you still have the freshest idea in the mind, so might as well test it, lol.

Yeah, I had those ‘wonderful news’ moments when I was in school too, but didn’t you know teachers also love days that have no class, akala nyo estudyante lang, grabe naman, sarap kaya matulog na walang alarm clock.

‘Till then folks, I need to prepare for someone’s tragic moment, lol.

[disclaimer: image not mine]

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