Study shows some people are just born good at Math

Study shows some people are just born good at Math, sadly though I’m not one of those.

OK, I think it wouldn’t make me less of a human admitting, dang; probably I was sleeping like a baby when the Math gods showered all those ‘number sense’ talents and I didn’t catch a thing. Though, I’ve mastered counting 1 to 1 million, I can’t guarantee it’s accurate when added with Ceva’s Theorem, x-y intercept, Gaussian Integers etc. – I can give you a hundred reason or even convince you on subjects why President Aquino needs hairpin, but not on matters involving x raised to the power of what not even God’s Math – when zero equals infinity.

Anyway, I know I’ve built a wall somewhere in my brain that takes in my prejudice thereby see difficulties in embracing this subject – perhaps my constant talk about me saying ‘I hate Math, I hate Math’, or maybe it was just my Math teacher back in grade school, I remember she looks much like Ms. Tapia, the iconic TV grumpy teacher character that bangs you whenever you answer an empty egg, that made me so hateful about numbers.

Though I admit it with pride, our everydayness won’t let us escape getting involve with numbers day in and day out – I’ve mastered basic operations, of course to survive, I need to be familiar that a negative times a negative should equal a positive but with higher numbers, I don’t take chances, I seize a Texas instrument. Problem solved! (hahaha)

As I have said, study shows, there are actually a lot of studies to mention – some people are just born good at solving Exponential notations and even crack Happy 8 puzzles with eyes closed.

And if you’re one of those lucky Math beings, I challenge you to answer the following problems. I’m mad with movies, and I thought I can crack this out in seconds – and seriously, I never thought somewhere at this time movies and Math can be a good combination, but forgive my Math brain again —  I think the one’s in pink box is Joan of Arc … any more ideas?

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