Teacher’s leg fatigue relief

In my experience the first week of school can be the most painful days for my legs. It’s because these are the days where I gave introduction to my course works and as a personal teaching philosophy, as much as possible, I have to know each of my student’s name and face and sitting on my table can’t just achieve this goal, moreso, walking around while discussing concepts can make your students all awake the whole time by moving their heads to your direction, I find it a very effective classroom strategy to seize their attention and let them loan their ears to me the whole time I’m talking.

This may sound just alright for 30 minutes to an hour of lecture, but if you do this for like three hours straight, call it then the teacher’s occupational hazard. Oh, I’m well aware of the dangers of standing for long hours, that’s why I use a lot of shoe gels to absorb shock, I even use compression stockings to ease my leg pain, they’re so much of help though, but the real signs are really showing – my spider veins are just so visible – a reason why I always opt to wear slacks and long skirts at school.

More than healthy diet, elevating my legs above my heart’s level, I think I should work more on reducing my weight – my doc said, it’s the best possible way to reduce those spider veins as my upper body weight wouldn’t put much pressure on my legs.

I told you I should have started this long time ago… lelz … hayy, I can only find excuses, really I hope I’ll find the drive to get moving now.

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2 Responses to Teacher’s leg fatigue relief

  1. Claire says:

    very well written mommy Vernz:) and I hear yah, student’s attention span does not take them too far and walking around the class while discussing gets them going. Now I know why I have spider veins! I should’ve known about compression stockings before and I could’ve prevented it. Oh how I miss teaching!

  2. Vernz says:

    HI Claire, it’s because if you’re just sitting on your table you wouldn’t know they’re texting at the back, they’re really have their way of doing their stuff, but I also have to find a way to do my stuff… hahaha… you should go back Claire to teaching… thanks for the drop :)

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