The changing landscape of education: The technologically ‘dumb era’ vs. the ‘smart era’

I acquired my basic education in an era where all school requirements should be done with superfluous diligence and patience. Terms papers should be typewritten all observing correct spacing, indentions and margins, not to mention carbon stains in your cheeks when the typewriter acts up. Book reports should be handwritten in a bond paper, just imagine your hand strokes curving when you’re not good at approximating. Assignments should be searched in literally dusty pages in the library, photos analysis assignments should be burrowed in the heap of newspapers in the backroom, etc, etc.

I had a chance one time to share this experience with my students and I wasn’t surprise with their reactions, ‘so you survived that dumb era?’ I think that ‘era’ wasn’t too long ago, roughly past 20 decades and they call that time ‘dumb era’.

And I came to realize, yeah indeed, mine was dumb as theirs now is an era of smart phones, TVs and toilets. You don’t have to spend the wee hours of the day in the dorm hallway hearing the ‘taka-taka-tak’ of your typewriter, you can spend it at a McDonalds nearby with free wifi, open 24 hours a day, let alone flowing McCafe, your choice of gadget, in fact, to make life easier, one can just buy research papers online they’re even all professionally written and that you can be sure to stand out in class and pass without losing a sleep. Gone are the days where F strokes on long hands should be perfected, writing custom book reports can now be done in an online software assisted method, prepared templates, easy to follow instructions, just fill in the blanks and you’re off to your class without even creasing your pants. Newspaper archives are available 24/7, both local and international. Current events assignments can now be accessed even before they come out on print, some even before they break out and go viral.

We all know about these, in fact, everyone now is smartly wired. I know this social course is inevitable, irreversible, a clear manifestation that indeed our social landscape, include that of education has changed enormously and will continue to be changing, and for a teacher educated in a technologically ‘dumb era’, it’s harder than I thought coping with the ‘smart era’, I should and I would to outsmart these students learning in the methods of techno shrewdness.

To put my argument to a close, there’s actually no point comparing, both space and time have their own values to be learned from, both operates on the value system expounded on these times, but in spite of this, the ‘smart era’ struggled as always being seen as an epoch where values fall apart, meanings changed and our educational setting altered, clearly so we can move along with smart time soundly and as what people usually say, stupidly.

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3 Responses to The changing landscape of education: The technologically ‘dumb era’ vs. the ‘smart era’

  1. Claire says:

    It’s almost 2 am here but this particular post caught my attention that I find myself reading from top to finish. I can truly relate to this post. Burning candles just to come up with school assignments, term papers and research work. I can honestly say I am proud I was still able to experience learning the old fashion way. But true, we have to keep ourselves abreast with the smart era but never forget the wisdom and discipline we learned from “dumb era ” they called. For it paved way to the generation of smartphones and wireless connections.

  2. Vernz says:

    HI Claire, thanks for dropping by… hahaha… so true.. it’s because people find that so dumb that eventually made others think of something to make life smarter… :) thanks for the visit :)

  3. Claire says:

    I so love your blog mommy Vernz! I declare that from now on, I am gonna be your avid fan:) keep writing post that enlightens the readers. God Bless you:)

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