The vanishing art of research paper and how I lose to Google

Just some thoughts of a teacher, who often lose to Google every time she require her students to do research paper.

Call it the total opposite of the typical, but research/term papers was my most loved part of my course requirements back in college. To me it was something like a venue to unleash my mind and literally hide in the middle of the shelves in the library from my sorority seniors, Oh, how I hated them to death, yeah, got also my slice of peer pressure during those times, which by the way the only place they wouldn’t dare to go, in the end they call me international quitter (IQ), geez, I can’t take other people whipping my legs with boat paddle, the thought of it kills me.

Anyway, you would probably remember asking permission from your parents to sleep-over at a classmate’s house to put conclusion to your term paper, digging, dusting hardbacks at the darkest side of the library, a place only nerds dare to tread – nah, I’m no nerd back in college, I’m just a normal girl who fell in love with the shelves, lol, running fingers on the indexes to find phrases that would match your theme, precise counting of margins, (which by the way, I type 15 words/minute at the cranky, inky typewriter back then, that slow – don’t you dare laughed at me) correct and careful placement of footnotes, or go find someone your teacher told you credible enough to give you information, use the art of interpersonal communication to suck all the information you need, without him/her knowing has mouthed everything from introduction to conclusion, all you need to do is remember them all and put them in writing.

If that’s the checklist, then I probably have done it all.

Fast forward 2012, I was thinking letting my students do the same would work, would instigate learning, would let them appreciate more the importance of those hardbacks in the library, would at least give them a chance to know other people’s interest and learn from them, but to my disappointment, it never turned out the way I thought it would.

Well, Literatures (both upper and lower case) can be sourced online too, e-books, research findings and the sad and happy part, sites you can commission to do the research for you, proliferate like wild, thick grasses in the internet.

At one point, I was awed by the result of a student’s work, I told him to share it to class how and what he did  from the beginning to end …

‘First you have to look for some credible sites with good reviews.’
‘Then, Place your order.’
‘Be ready with your credit card, just be careful not to disclose security, I used my mom’s by the way.’

You can play around while your other classmates are cracking their heads, burning their butt up there, (actually he did not say this, but I presume this is what he did)

‘And supply them with your valid email, and then wait for some four to five days.’
‘When it has been emailed, print them and put them in a nice folder.’
‘When the teacher requires you to pass it, then pass it along with your classmates.’
‘Note: Prof. L—a hates late papers, so there’s a possibility that you’ll get rejected or at the very least deduct some points from your paper.’

I cannot shout at them bad, ‘somebody kill me’… I would be charged that would be another story.

Lesson learned: Think of another strategy gazillion times up … it may sound like some petty things happening, I wasn’t surprised though, but God knows, I’m was really stunned about how the ability of these students has gone up – next level.

I wonder how you call this – the (practical) arts of commissioning a site to do research paper for students. They’re making these kids even dumber.

[repost from my previous post]

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