Cine Europa at Cinematheque Davao: October 2012 Schedule

If you’re a movie addict, like me, yeah, I should admit even the dullest has room for my schedules – some may say it that way – but I suppose every moving thingy made for silver screen deserves a full run even if there’s only me popping on a bag of Jiffy – well, anyway, if you share same passion as me – like taking movie as a personal crusade to escape to somewhere else, like Europe this time, then this is for you.

This October 2012, Cinematheque Davao is screening European flicks. I’ve been consuming a lot of Korean and Japanese culture lately, Chilling Romance being the last,  so might as well skip and get enculturated and take a peek of life that is Slovak, Czech, Sweden and many more. This is a perfect alternative to our Hollywoodic ethos of movie watching.

Cinematheque Davao is located right beside Pasalubong Center in Palma Gil St., here in Davao City.

See the schedules below and grab a bag of popcorn now. ADMISSION IS FREE!

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12 Responses to Cine Europa at Cinematheque Davao: October 2012 Schedule

  1. I might consider to visit there one of these days after I completed the requirements of my daughter’s DCAA sigh, if only I own my time pd bukas I will go there and watch, I also love movies…

  2. papaleng says:

    Never been to movie theater for quite a while na. Magastos kasi.. But I must say, watching films from other countries is a great learning experience. Have a great viewing days na lang.

  3. Dhemz says:

    that’s awesome! free admission? I want to go with you teVernz…ehehhe!

  4. i think we have this here in cebu rin. not sure if nag end na. but i’d absolutely love to watch specially the french films…


  5. betchai says:

    wow, i love that! admission is free!

  6. “FREE” sound good for me..

  7. jennyL says:

    hmmm kelan ba ko hulign nanood ng sine hehe… I envy you and free pa admission.. , movie goers will get crazy over this ah

  8. Race Abug says:

    I haven’t been to movie theater since I became a born-again Christian but it must be a great viewing and learning experience to see the cultures of other countries.

  9. We cannot go to a theater because my 19 months keep bothering us while watching so we can watch maybe when my son will be 5 or 6 yrs old. We only watch at home…I am addicted to Korean Tv drama and Thailand also…

  10. Mommy Pehpot says:

    I never had the chance watching film festivals specially foreign films.. I am interested to watch Japanese films as well as European film, please share us what films you watched and what you can say about it :)

  11. emzkie says:

    are u kidding me? admission is free? whoah! that is great! i never heard about this cinematheque. geez.. its time to go home and see all the new stuff in Davao. basig mawala nako pag uli nako ani. hehehe. thanks for sharing this info mama Vernz

  12. Marie says:

    When I go to Davao, I’ll try to stop by in here! :)

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