The best thing about my assignment: Steeping at DocTube

I’m out of the classroom for weeks now and I’ll be back next year, second term but I’m still not free from the fangs of my day job, still have to do a lot reading and watching, it’s a special assignment I got for being the only cyborg in a cosmos of seasoned profs. I’m really thinking of sending our Dean a mother’s ring, sort of a token for giving me an assignment this painless – ironically though, some of the documentaries I get to watch these past days were so throbbing it points right unto a human’s core, my core that before I knew it I already wrote a blurb way more than a back of a CD can hold. But the best thing about this assignment is that I get to do what I love best – docu watching. The dire thing is that I get to write about it yet again and get the microwave instantaneously do the Jiffy popping – geesh, I lost count how many mixing bowls of popcorn past my table this week, I refused to think about it.

There are actually countless of online sites that collate all the good and the bad documentaries around the world, it’s just a matter of where you’re comfortable and where it’s free watching at, this is where I’m snugged at …

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One Response to The best thing about my assignment: Steeping at DocTube

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the heads up Verns! Just checked out and am instantly in love!

    Soo many documentaries I need to watch and not enough time to watch them all!!!

    Thanks again, great site!

    Cindy xxxxxxx

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