Our idea of success and homesteading

I understand this human tendencies of finding security in the things we felt rightfully belong to us, they’re not just things we pick and put our farthest efforts in accumulating all the bits and pieces, we also feel we’re accomplished humans having to see the fruits of our hard labor and in a society where success is equated to grand and lavish material proof, what can be more appropriate than seeing big houses and big cars representing our big success.

Photo credits: www.facebook.com/homesteading

Well, I for one also have these longings, thinking what it’s like to be living in a house where each step sounds an echo, a house that resembles a cathedral, one time it’s empty and one time it’s peopled. I can imagine me soring my throat asking for coffee from someone in the kitchen, but this photo just made all those thoughts vanish like smoke in thin air;

On warm summer nights, I can imagine a rocking rustic furniture set on the grounds here, a cupful of caffeine and a talk with my husband of just about here and there would be a perfect picture taken from here. Honest, I can live here – a house where everything is just within your reach, even a fart can be well heed of I think is just for me.

Hence, my wanderings – had we not thought about equating success with big houses and big stuff, I think there would be ample space for everyone, but the way I see it this culture has been rooted deep in our psyche and I theorize it will survive me and even the generations to come. I can only wish that somewhere in the future a marvel of reversal will happen by which success is equated unto how small, yet perfectly functional a house is – while I know this is happening now, everything seems like in its novelty yet.

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