The best travel music and how I long to take the train from Beijing to Lhasa

If you’re a travel geek you probably have Jack Johnson’s ‘Upside Down’ in your playlist. It’s one of my favorite travel songs and God knows how many times I abused the replay button. The lyrics of this song suggest that indeed this is one should going to do while you still have time in this world.

I really wish I’ll have the chance to put on a headset to reduce noise while traveling on the world’s highest loco, spending 3 days and two nights marveling on the glorious landscape that connects Beijing and Lhasa, it’s a dream train trip for me, sadly I had not been working on this dream though, had it listed nearest impossibility no.

Anyhow, there are still a lot to turn upside down around here with Jack Johnson on the headset. A lot of seasoned travelers have this song on their playlist as one of their awesome travel chums.

Here listen!

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