Creative teaching methodology

I always accept this as true, and have grounded all my teaching techniques on the fact that not all students have the same learning ability as the other, and that each student is unique in their own way of coping things. Some students learn fast through visual, some through auditory, some through kinesthetic approaches. There are schools though that looks into the special abilities of each child, but most often than not, the practice is to merge them all-together in a classroom.

Now, one of the most taxing challenges teachers of the 21st century face is to reckon how to reach each of these students to address their learning requirements.

And in this case using the creative teaching method can be very effective. Teacher’s can bring out the best in each student once s|he knows how to play his|her card. While not all teachers have that inherent didactic creativity, this can be helped if teachers can develop a full gamut of skills to adapt to various situations.

I would argue that creative teaching now comes in easy because of the presence of practically accessible modern teaching technology, visually appealing, interactive teaching aids like educational video, kids puzzles to stimulate mind and hand activity, this make-believe cake for instance in teaching fractions, or exploit social media like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and many other useful websites to carry out the subject objective and this should not be forgotten – nurture their ability to imagine, there are actually endless possibilities that a teacher can explore.

But I would say teaching comes in the hardest when students dropped their interest to learn, more than the physical state of being creative, teacher’s should also exert effort to reach out using beyond physical creative approaches to handle ‘problem students’ to let them open up for them to be helped, I really find this part the hardest. I was there, though rewarding when you see them change, the process I would say is so demanding.

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