Feelin’ the ‘Christmas rush’

Time really fly so fast, it was just like yesterday that we celebrated Christmas and now here we are again getting ready for the next Filipino Holidays, adjudged to be the longest and the most meaningful Christmas celebrations in the world.

Though exchanging of gifts does not really necessitates occurrence on this occasion, as it’s always the spirit of family bonding and sharing that is important, it came and it has become part of Filipino tradition to come together, gather under the tree and do what kids and adult anticipate most – the exchanging of gifts. I have lots of childhood stories to tell about this time of the year, but as I accumulate age, I seem to be not the ones excited opening my presents anymore, rather much excited to go around malls shopping for present.

They say the best time to shop for presents is at least a month before the actual occasion occur, for obvious reason that you’ll have ample time to find the right one and to avoid excruciating experience of long paying queues, but to me doing this seem to be like I’m missing the spirit of the so-called ‘Christmas rush’, this kind of thing happen only once a year and it’s always nice to hear stories of cashiering machines acting out when it’s your turn to pay following an hour of standing on the line, I mean really, it happened to me and I hope this time, considering the advancement of technology, mall operators have laid the best from the wide selection of inuit pos system there is in the retail industry today.

I’m hopeful more blessings will be coming my way before Christmas as I want to make real my long list of gift recipients and play good mama Santa to those who did well and awesome things this year.

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