To serve a deferred gratification

Socio-ideologically speaking, deferred gratification is a principle that persuades individuals or groups of people to defer immediate utilization of pleasure in favor of work, investing, training and or acquire it in some other way with better return of these sacrifices in the future. This is essentially very apparent in industrial and fast-paced societies with robust economies.

I also have my fair and not so fair share of this bourgeoing discourse, being a part of this industrialist economy, however, give us unlimited access to today’s social and economic infrastructure we can utilize at our disposal, while this is a matter that confines private organization this provides one the freedom to choose when to, how to and where to serve this deferred gratification.

Personally, I wonder why we’ve produced so much, now I have problems with choosing which one to buy, which one to patronize and which vacation package to avail. It’s been a while that I haven’t gone climbing mountains, yeah, that thing called pleasure trekking. I figured to buy north face down would be a good reward for being underemployed.

Wish my hearts desire will come true, I want to shout out loud where the red mountains of Salta, Argentina can hear me and just echo what I say.

This is where I want to hike, the red mountains of Salta, Argentina

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