Video: Crash Course on Capitalism and Socialism

Hi there fellas, if you’re bored, feeling sleepy – seeing and hearing your seasoned and  thin on top professor talking about economic systems on dead hours like an hour after you’ve chomp on three cups of jasmine rice and two barkada size iced CocaCola – here’s one good crash course video you can watch as a good supplement. But if you’re a student used to slow-paced kinda classroom talkin’ then you should doubly lend your ears here, the host John Green, talks quiet fast than your usual ‘Sir’, probably thought of having more in a just a short period of time flick. Their video channel at Youtube actually has many more concepts uploaded, you can directly view this one at and see some other useful videos on your right side bar.

Today’s techno is just so amazing, a semester lecture is now packed in a 14-minute video, now there’s no reason for you guys not to pitch in talk next time your tablemates blabs about how we’ve gotten into today’s vibrant iPhone culture and dang dancing robots … Enjoy!

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