Yes, education is expensive but you can expand your knowledge for less

While waiting for a taxi one time I chanced at this writings on a building post wall and it reads ‘if you think education is expensive, try ignorance’. I remember this line was from Derek Bok, he was an American educator and was once a President of Harvard University, his thought run true, in a society where education is equal to life and survival, ignorance then is an expensive genre of human category, immensely more costly than the most expensive education anyone can spend these days.

It is no surprise that most societies spend much on the education of their citizenry to avoid this drawback. In the Philippines, if approved, the Department of Education will have a budget of P56B in 2013, though this amount is way too short compared to its neighboring countries, I’d say, Pres. Aquino’s administration is the only administration that pushed comprehensive reforms on this country’s education system by implementing the K to 12 programs.

Yes, I agree with the notion that indeed education these days is expensive, yet costly, study show that a big chunk of a family’s income is spent on education. But did you know that you can expand your knowledge for less these days? Yes, while we thought deals and coupons are redeemable only for your cooking oil, soaps, chips and other household items, well, not anymore. Today, there are sites that pull in together all available live educational coupons and deals found in the internet. You can use them to get discounts upon paying your kids tuition at school.

What’s so good about this site is that it is so convenient, you can browse at all schools that offer and accepts coupons, or find your kid’s school in the list and grab the code for a discount on your next enrollment pay.

These days, no matter how expensive a thing is, if we only find good and authorized strategies we surely can get through, even if it’s the rocketing tuition fee.

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