Cool Kids Rock Band: This is the future of rock music

I forgot what I was searching for at Youtube when I hit on play of this video. I’m all well convinced that letting your kids play at least one instrument will do them obviously good. But seeing these kids brought that idea to a higher level just wow me to no end.

I hope they’ll tour around schools and encourage kids of their age that have the same interest to get into this formation too. I love music, though, not so avid one with rock music. My ears can’t take high decibels already, it comes with age you know, that’s why, lol. But if you’re a parent and sees potential in your kids, don’t hold back, let go, encourage them and buy them meinl cymbals at musicians friend for starters. Just make sure they get to into good band company and be their #1 fan.

Look at the these kids, they sure have the knack to rock, they’re so cool.

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